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Two Eggs (v) £5.95
Scrambled, poached or fried, served on sour dough toast

Eggs Benedict £7.95
Toasted muffin with honey roast ham, two poached eggs, spinach and hollandaise sauce

Eggs Royale £8.95
Toasted muffin with smoked salmon, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

Eggs Black Stone £8.95
Toasted muffin with thick bacon, plum tomatoes, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

Ham and Cheese Omelette £7.95
Honey roast ham, cheese and oven baked tomatoes

Cheese and Tomato Omelette (v) £6.95
Honey roast ham, cheese and oven baked tomatoes

Eggs and Smashed Avocado (v) £6.95
Sour dough toast with avocado, two poached eggs, served with oven baked tomatoes and rocket salad.

Butter Croissant
With preserves £2.95
With honey roast ham and cheese £3.95


Chicken, bacon & Avocado £8.95
Chicken, bacon, avocado, sweetcorn, chives, lemon dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad £7.95
Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, croutons, cheese with Caesar dressing

Vegan Salad (vg) £8.95
Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, celery, walnuts, sweetcorn, olives, carrots and capers


Soup of the Day £4.25

Garlic Bread £3.25

Garlic Bread Mozzarella Cheese £3.95

Pizza Garlic Bread £4.25

Pizza Garlic Bread Mozzarella £4.95

Mixed Olives £2.00

Italian Bruschetta (vg) £5.50
With fresh tomato
With smoked salmon and philadelphia

Bread and Balsamic £3.00

Mussels £6.95
With leeks, garlic and cream
With garlic, chilli, tomato and parsley

King Prawns £7.95
Prawn cocktail with Marie Rose sauce and served with rocket salad
White wine, garlic and spinach served with rocket salad
Tomato sauce, chilli and garlic served with rocket salad

Scallops Sambuca £8.95
Pan fried with scallops, leeks, garlic in a creamy Sambuca sauce

Calamari £6.95
Fried and served with tartar sauce
With garlic and chilli in a tomato sauce

Whitebait £6.95
Fried whitebait served with tartar sauce

Meatballs £7.95
Homemade meatballs with garlic, basil, pancetta and parsley in a tomato sauce

Caprese Salad (v) £5.95
With tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

Breaded Buffalo Mozzarella £5.95
Fried and served with rocket salad and tomato sauce

Mushroom (v) £5.95
With garlic in a creamy sauce

Meat and Cheese Platter For 1: £8.95 For 2: £14.95
Selection of cured meats and cheeses of the day

Seafood Patter For 1: £13.95 For 2: £25.95
Selection of fresh seafood of the day

Pasta & Risotto

Spaghetti Marinara £14.95
Mussels, king prawns, squid, garlic and cherry tomatoes in a tomato sauce finished with a touch of parsley

Spaghetti Carbonara £9.95
Pancetta, egg yolk, cream and parmesan cheese finished with a touch of black pepper

Penne Amatriciana £9.95
Pancetta, mushrooms, onion and tomato sauce finished with a touch of parsley

Penne Al Pomodoro (v) (vg) £7.95
With tomato sauce finished with a touch of basil

Seafood Risotto £14.95
Mussels, king prawns, scallops, chilli, garlic, parsley and saffron sauce

Mushroom Risotto (v) £10.95
Garlic, mascarpone, mushroom and a touch of cream

Aubergine Parmigiana (v) £10.95
Butter friend aubergine with cheese, basil and tomato sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese £9.95
Spaghetti in a rich bolognese sauce with fresh basil

Cannelloni £9.95
Pasta filled with ricota, fresh spinach, parmasan, mascarpone cheese, topped with bachomel sauce and mozzarella baked in the oven

Lasagne £9.95
Flat pasta with bolognese sauce, fresh herbs and mozzarella baked in the oven

Spaghetti Meatballs £9.95
Spaghetti and Meatballs in tomato sauce


Margarita £7.95
Tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

Tropicale £8.95
Pineapple, ham, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese

Etna £8.95
Tomato sauce, chilli, garlic, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese

Vegetariana £9.50
Tomato sauce, mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn, onion, olives and mozzarella cheese

Marinara £11.95
Tomato sauce, squid, prawns, mussels, garlic and mozzarella cheese

Quatro Formagi £10.95
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmasan, dolce late and goats cheese

Con Pollo £10.95
Tomato sauce, chicken, pepperoni, peppers and mozzarella cheese

San Giusepe £8.95
Tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, onions and mozzarella cheese

Calzone £2.00
As above make any pizza as a calzone for extra


Grilled Swordfish £15.95
Served with mushrooms, peppers, fennel and tomato sauce

Baked Salmon £14.95
Served with asparagus and cherry tomatoes

Fillet of Sea Bass £18.95
King prawns, mussels, chilli and garlic in tomato sauce


Pollo Casseruola £13.95
Chicken breast with pancetta, cooked in breadcrumbs topped with a creamy marsala sauce and served with rosemary potatoes

Pollo Cacciatore £10.95
Mushrooms, peppers and chilli in a creamy tomato sauce served with long grain rice

Pollo Dolce Late £10.95
Grilled chicken breast cooked with fresh spinach, dolce late cheese served with rosemary potatoes


Fillet Steak 8oz £22.50

Sirloin Steak 8oz £17.95

Rib Eye 10oz £16.95

Lamb Cutlets £16.95
All our meat is served with rosemary potatoes, rocket salad and grilled tomatoes

Sauces for Steaks £1.95
Bearnaise, peppercorn, stilton


Chips £3.50

Sweet Potato Fries £3.50

Rosemary Potatoes £3.50

Mixed Vegetables £3.50

Mixed Salad £3.50

Onion Rings £3.50

For Children

Homemade Chicken Goujons £5.95
Chicken in breadcrumbs served with chips

Spaghetti Carbonara £5.95
Pancetta, egg yolks, cream and parmesan cheese finished with a touch of black pepper

Penne Al Pomodoro (v) (vg) £5.95
With tomato sauce finished with a touch of basil


Tiramisu £5.95

Panna Cotta £5.95

Marshfield Ice Cream 1 Scoop £2.00 3 scoops £5.00
Very vanilla, strawberry clotted cream, chocolate heaven, caribbean coconut, rum and raisin and candy floss crush

Sorbet 1 Scoop £2.00 3 scoops £5.00
Gin and tonic, orange and mango

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